Gloria Jean Parker
January 31, 1946 – March 2, 2024

Gloria has had many lifetimes in Atlanta, starting as the first female bartender, back in the 60’s…for over 2 decades, before she had dreams that lead her to a spiritual life. In 1989, she started a Metaphysical bookstore, “Sun Glo”, first in Alpharetta and then in Roswell.

She started the monthly Psychic fairs in 1990 that  continue today.

She published “Aquarius, A Sign of the Times,” a monthly metaphysical publication, from 1993 through early 2014. It had a big following online as well.

After selling the paper she moved on to radio and did a radio show for 5 years, called, “The Psychic Bartender Show”. It’s based on Numerology and was a great show that taught people what they came here to learn and to teach… As she wrote: “Spirits message so far is they want me to help people have the confidence to move forward and be happier in their lives. That’s a job I will gladly take on.” And she did it admirably… all of her life… Each day with Gloria was a gift…

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